Tutor FAQs

Once your registration on our portal is complete, your details are entered in our tutor database. You will then start getting the SMS alerts on your registered mobile number. For further queries you can touch-base with our customer care department at 9110010414

We trust you! Therefore there’s no selection procedure from our end. We provide the interface where students can connect with tutors to get the required tuition. However, you need to demonstrate your expertise and credibility as and when required by the students or parents during the demo class, as well as during the course of your tuition assignment.

Thank you very much for the registration! You will start receiving SMS alerts whenever the student requirements match with your profile details. You can then buy our membership or if you are already a member, can view the student’s details. In case you have any further queries during this process, you can give us a call on 9110010414

Demo class is an opportunity for you to showcase your capabilities and your expertise levels with the subject, hence you won’t be paid for it. It is a chance where you can show your potential and grab the opportunity. We would therefore recommend that prepare well for it, since this will lift your chances of conversion.

It is between you and the parents to discuss on the terms and conditions like payment method, frequency and location of classes etc. We are just a technology platform which helps you to get students with their tuition requests which match your profile. We refrain ourselves from having any role or influencing the decision in any way. We also do not charge any % cut or commission from neither the tutors nor the parents.

In that case, you need to inform us as well as the concerned student/parent at least 30 days in advance. This will help us to make some alternative arrangements for them. This ensures the smooth functioning of the process. Moreover, acting responsibly also adds to your credibility and accountability.

In case you have more queries, you are always welcome to contact us here or call us on 9110010414